Monday, 5 October 2015

You can hear it in the silence...

never in a million years could have even imagined how drastically my life has changed in the past year!! I am a completely different version of myself than I was just a year ago, in reality that doesn't seem long at all, but when I think of all that's changed and how far I've come, it amazes me!! 

This time last year I was an emotional wreck, I stopped eating and I blocked everyone out, I cried myself to sleep and I barely made it through every day! I confused not wanting to be alone with love for a long time before that. And it took a messy break up and weeks and weeks of me being at the lowest I've ever been to realise that in reality it wasn't a good relationship it was one in which I was being controlled.Little did I know that a couple weeks later that I would meet the most wonderful person I have ever met, the most kind hearted soul, who I love with all my heart! The past year of my life has honestly been the happiest year I've ever had, I've been showered with love and affection and I know with one look that he loves me whole heartedly!! He reads my eyes as if it's the easiest thing in the world, and seems to know exactly what I'm thinking before I've even opened my mouth! I've known since we met that there was something special about him, the way he talked when he was around me, and how contagious I found his smile and his laugh,I have never met anyone that I trust like I trust him, he knows ever part of my soul, and accepts me at my worst as well as my best!! No one has ever captured my complete attention as he does, he speaks to my soul, He melts my heart and takes my breath away on a daily basis! He astonished me and makes every moment of my life a living wonder!! I am fascinated by him, and everything he does! I can't help but look at him constantly when I'm around him, I can't get enough of him and I believe that I never will! In 33 days we've been together a year, the best year ever, and I know what's to come in our future can only get better! I love him! 

"Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it's enough for me, cause all that you are, is all that I'll ever need, I'm so in love" 

Gecky x 

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