Monday, 21 March 2011

16 in 16 days!!

so my 16th birthday is fast approaching and to be quite honest i haven't got a clue what i want!!!!
well thats a bit of a fib ;)
"for my birthday, can i go see Taylor Swift?"
"you're not going to see Taylor Swift!!"
" Let me finish! -_- Can i have a puppy?"
*shows her pictures of puppies*
"awwww...but no!!!"
" so i can't go see TS, i can't have a puppy...what can i have -_-"
"i dont know!"
 Today my mum  asks what i want...
"a puppy!"
"go see TS"
"a unicorn?"
"sure i'll just nip to the unicorn shop and pick one up!!"
so in conclusion my mum will not buy me a puppy but will get me a unicorn :L
the thing is my friend has 7 puppies and they are beautiful :') there is a really pale one (almost white) and i've fallen in love with him, i want him and i would call him Marley :) though if i had a black one i would call her Ebony! but they are all so beautiful i could just spend the whole day with them (:
This is two of them :)
This gorgeous little fellow is who i call Marley <3

the huddle <3 shows you how light Marley is

How cute is this? sleepy puppy
sleepy timess <3
yeh this is my birthday present ;)

push the limits <3

Gecky xx

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