Thursday, 30 December 2010

Advice, girls dont steal other girls guys, and guys dont believe someone is a saint; I bet its all an act...

So I was listening to taylor swift as per usual and a song called better than revenge came on. This one song reminds me of this girl at my school... The lines that make me think of her are "shes not a saint,and shes not what you think shes an actress" because the guy she stole from me thinks she is a saint and cant do anything wrong... But me and everyone else know its all an act she thinks of him as her "property" because she went out with him once, so no on else can have him... I know this from personal experience... In my case this guy really liked me and I really liked him and just when we were going to get together, said girl found out and decided to tell him she really liked him... So he told me he likes me but likes her more and she likes him...he couldn't see she was lying, and we fell out... The only thing that made us friends again was when I found out she was with someone else, of course he didn't believe me at first but it came to the surface and he realised he'd made a mistake... "soon shes gonna find stealing other peoples toys on the play ground wont make you many friends, she should keep in mind, she should keep in mind there is nothing I do better than revenge!" taylor swift thank you once again for your songs which hold so much meaning for me...

Hugs and chocolate may not solve anything but it make you feel better :)

 Gecky xx

Sunday, 26 December 2010

So now christmas is over! :(

there is now 364 days untill christmas 2011.

christmas is over now and it was brilliant this year!! got so many lovely things!
off one friend i got a bottle of fairy dust which made me smile so much <3 thank you pixie gilmore!!

the only thing that is annoying after christmas is finding a new place for everything!! :L i spent my entire day rearranging my
 room today :')

my i-pod has many new songs on now :) so Taylor Swift is on repeat at the moment :)

i hope santa brought you everything you wanted :D

Speak now and don't regret it :)

Gecky xx

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas eve eve

So its christmas eve eve and im really excited :) some people think there is an age you get to when you dont get excited but me personaly i stay up all christmas eve because im too excited to sleep. there is snow on the ground and i saw the cocacola advert for the first time this year last night :') it is now offically christmas time!!!!!!

have a nice christmas everyone!!

gecky xx

Sunday, 19 December 2010

What i call friends :')

So what i call my friends is what most people would call weirdo's :') but we are just living our lives for us not to please people who aren't impostant.
My friends are actually more like my family :L there is of course that one friend who i see as more but we'll not go into that now
There is a couple who i think of as my 'bestfriends' but they are just the people i feel i will still be friends with in the future.
A friend is someone who you should always be there for and should help pick thm up when their down!!
someone who you can act stupid with but never leaves your side even when you're wrong!

For a girl: some girls have a big group of girly friends but i find it easier to talk to the guys in our group. the girls gossip way too much and its nice to escape from! a girl will have a girl bestfriend (or 2) and a guy who is their bestfriend in the end they cannot live without either of them!
A friend will comfort you when you get rejected but it'll be your bestfriend who goes up to him and says 'its because your gay isn't it?' :')

For a guy: a friend is someone to laugh with, they seem to keep to them selves but often there will be one close friend that they will tell things to and they expect that person to keep it secret!

A relationship should never come between a friendship and a friendship should never come between a relationship!

individuality is the way forward!!

Gecky xx

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Christmas time,Missletoe and wine

So the average christmas card goes a little like this : To... merry christmas from ... x x x

however one christmas card i recieved this read read this:

Rem/Razzledazzle/queen of elesmera,
Ive saved your card for last because i know its gonna have the most written in. tbh i'd be really surprised if you can read this! where do i even begin with all the good times we've had?! last christmas, it was so fun going to the church with you & having peach champagne and finishing the jigsaw :') and of couse it was my epic party with ice skating and spin the bottle, and we both ended up kissing loads of people-more than once! and eachother!! and when i still liked Grainger (ewww!!) and we made up new lyrics to 7 things by miley cyrus! and how we hung out like every night after school! .MERRY CHRISTMAS. how we have all these code names for everyone so we can talk about them & they havn't got a clue! how you came round my house and we danced to all our old songs like 5,6,7,8 and the time warp! and how we both obsess about Taylor Swift and know her songs better than anyone- including miss Swift herself! and when that lady rang up about my dad's accident and you were eating nutella and i coughed and she asked why i was smiling. LMAO. and how you had that arguement on Facebook (or as you call it the bookface) with maisie- its witchwood park! i was almost tempted to vote to go to wychwood park for prom just so we could sneak off and throw eggs at her house! :L ;) if you're still reading this ( and i'd be surprised- it's probably longer than my Jane Eyre essay!) :L i would like to say i love you and the way we are so close always and we probably always will be forever, or atleast i hope so! after all what is Doctor smurf without Baby smurf ? its like Joey without Chandler ;). ahaa, i've just remembered our snow day then :L and playing on mario, and realising that i left muffin in the garden and at caitlins party when we sang love story on the wii before you supposidly punched her in the face- LMAFAO!! okay so now my are is almost literally droping off, so thank you and goodnight! ;) lots of love from icecream,Doctor smurf, P mopalop, wifey (and baby) faerie princess P, REM... the list goes on ;)

the kisses continue on the back of the card and the envelope :)
i love christmas !!

remember all your private jokes with people!

Gecky xx

I Love My Bestfriend And The Random Texts I Get From Him

Him: I think the ancient egyptians got it right with religion,and i think we should apply it to our lives now.
Me: yeah okay (:
Him: The ancient eygiptians believed that when you died you were raised up to heaven, as to whether you gained access to heaven depended upon 2 questions: 1) have you found joy in your life? (answer it)
Me: yes i have :) through my friends and familyHim: 2) has your life brought joy to others? (answer it, but remember you've got to be honest!)
Me: to that one i really don't know the answer :/
Him: see i'd answer similary. which is why i'm applying it to my life now :) i'm just gonna try and be kinder to people,more forgiving,not so i can get into eygiptian heaven :L just so at the end of my life i can say 'I did bring joy to other peoples lives'
Me: well i know 1 person whos life you have brought joy to already :)
him: same to you! and thanks :)

this conversation came from no where :')

try bring joy to others

Gecky xx

Friday, 17 December 2010

When cod was just a fish!!

I miss the times when Cod was just a fish! and guys actually had a life and didnt sit like zombies playing on stupid games!!
I remember when apple and blackberry were mear fruits :L whats next the banana phone ;) ring ring ring ring ring ring ring bannah phone!!!!!
life was simpler when us girls thought boys were disgusting ;)
feel so good dancing to all the old tunes!! 5,6,7,8, the time warp, saturday night, cha cha slide, the macarana :L and les ketcup!! :)

Don’t let haters get me off my grind
Keep my head up,I know I’ll be fine
Keep fighting until I get there
When I’m down and I feel like giving up
I whip my hair back and forth ;)

Be yourself!!

Gecky xx

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Is an insult really an insult if you laugh about it??

I love how when most people shout insults at you,you get really offended, but oh no me and my friend Jory actually expect insults from one another and get offended if we dont get them :'),we have an on going poke war on the bookface (thats facebook to you) and have got into the pattern of going 'I've poked you whore' and 'I've poked you back bitch' So today in catering today i go ahead as usual and call Jory a whore to which se replies 'thank you!!!' so i wait for mine in return.... and i get nothing!! :O I ask where my insult was and she goes im so sorry bitch! and my reply is thank you! :) We are married apparently :L and have so many memories: paris was one of the best 4 days of my life. at the current moment we have an "evil plan!!" mwahahahahaHAHAHAAAAA!! ;D... anyways  back to our insults: a while back in english we watched 'the crucible' and our teacher was explaning to the class the definition of the word whore and i just turn to Jory and mime 'whore!!' to her, and we both burst out laughing :') . . . so dont be too offended when people say insults to you, they may not mean to offend you, could be a joke and to be fair if they do mean it who really cares... not you! or your friends! or me!! :)

Stay proud of who you are!!

Gecky xx

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

for my nearest and dearest twin!!

she isnt actually my twin but we have the same birthday! so we're pretty damn close!!! so this is for her Miss Rhiannon McCor :) who is new to blogger and i would like to share her wonderful first blog with you :) :)

keep friends in mind

Gecky xx

So,there are some things i've discovered.......

That everybody is going to hurt you eventually, weither they do it purposly or if they did everything they could to avoid it but it still happens in the end, its hard to admit but they will.
Even you hurt people, if you say you dont then you're lying to yourself, everybody does it some people set out to break other people down,others care little and some people try their hardest to not hurt you.
I've recently discovered that someone who you loved is often the person who hurts you the most!! and crying your heart out down the phone to them actually gets the point across that they have hurt you badly and then they feel the pain too, because they realise they have done wrong by you.
rumors are delishious :') people who come up with rumors make my life!! how all the lies are just to cover how uncomfortable they are with their own lives :) that they think people actually believe them! so here is to all the gossip spreaders : thank you so much!! you make me laugh with your unreliable words!!!
that long distance friends are always the people you trust the most because they cannot spread things! even if they did the people they told wouldnt even know you.
a hug from your bestfriend is always the hug you want when you're down!
it can happen so suddenly: one minute you and your big brother hate eachother and fight all the time, then it all changes and you have to hang round with eachother because you have the same friends, but it gets to the stage where you talk :) i never thought i'd admit this but i think my brother is my friend now :')
that no matter what im going on the computer for i will end up on facebook and msn, tallking to the same people again and again but never run out of things to say!
a smile on the right persons face can cause a smile on your own :) :)

Stay happy people !!!!! :)

Gecky xx

Friday, 10 December 2010

Today was a living hell

Today i sniffed my way through a two hour english media exam in a freezing cold mind is such a blur i dont even remember what i did at break, i think i was stood outside shivering, despite the number of layers i had on, then on to maths, in which we didnt even do maths work oh no instead we had to revise, so i got my physics revision guide out and begin to make notes, half way through i get so bored i give up and end up listening to my i to the pod :) thats i-pod to you normalls :) and yeh on to lunch, everyone was off to town but i felt like death so i decided to stay in school -_- yeh joy!! so i sat in the cloakroom with Walker and Tomlinson :) i dont remember what happened for the whole of lunch really i was so fased out and oblivios to the world really, listening to my music and off in my own world, double maths is just like suiside, it killed me spent the second hour of the joy you people call math drawing stupid pictures. all the while Shenton is chatting away to me, he really does not see the amount i dont care how good his bike is!! News flash Shenton I dont even own a bike!! i broke it! then off to pe :L yeh how amazing is that! last thing you want on a friday afternoon after a full week of exams is pe. turned out pretty good. played badminton with Walker and lay on the floor for half the lesson :| Mr Beacher thinks im lazy now when im not, im just ill. oh my days walking home was terrible, there were thousands of starlings in the sky :/ when you can hear splats on the floor is time to cover your head with something, personally i used my blazer, as i dont care what happens to that :). As for now, im currently listening to my music and talking to various people on facebook, including Pixie Gilmore :) well anyway lesson of the day: Dont wind up ill people unless you are willing to be yelled at :)

infect someone with a smile :)

Gecky xx

some wise words from someone who doesnt even matter

To girls: Please dont waste all your time chasing after one guy, who when it comes to it really isnt worth it.If he doesnt text back when he tells you to text him or walks away when you say hi, just give up, i learn from living that this is really not worth getting into. take time to get over him, spend lots of time with your friends and laugh untill you cry, and remember all your best moments. be individual dont follow the crowd, because that wont get you anywhere.

For the guys: if you like a girl for god sake please tell her dont play hard to get because girls wont wait for you forever. if you have a close group of female friends dont be cocky because one by one they will start to not like you so much, try to be yourself because that is the best way, dont be a fool and lose your friends.

Dear everybody: listen to music when you're upset, cherish your friends and take pictures everyday, if you dont talk to somone for months you should consider getting back in touch with them :) it is seriously worth it!! be there for everyone you can it makes you a good person, even if someone isnt considered "cool" take into consideration that if that was you, you wouldn't like it either.

Remember:    Live,Laugh,Love

Gecky xx