Friday, 10 December 2010

Today was a living hell

Today i sniffed my way through a two hour english media exam in a freezing cold mind is such a blur i dont even remember what i did at break, i think i was stood outside shivering, despite the number of layers i had on, then on to maths, in which we didnt even do maths work oh no instead we had to revise, so i got my physics revision guide out and begin to make notes, half way through i get so bored i give up and end up listening to my i to the pod :) thats i-pod to you normalls :) and yeh on to lunch, everyone was off to town but i felt like death so i decided to stay in school -_- yeh joy!! so i sat in the cloakroom with Walker and Tomlinson :) i dont remember what happened for the whole of lunch really i was so fased out and oblivios to the world really, listening to my music and off in my own world, double maths is just like suiside, it killed me spent the second hour of the joy you people call math drawing stupid pictures. all the while Shenton is chatting away to me, he really does not see the amount i dont care how good his bike is!! News flash Shenton I dont even own a bike!! i broke it! then off to pe :L yeh how amazing is that! last thing you want on a friday afternoon after a full week of exams is pe. turned out pretty good. played badminton with Walker and lay on the floor for half the lesson :| Mr Beacher thinks im lazy now when im not, im just ill. oh my days walking home was terrible, there were thousands of starlings in the sky :/ when you can hear splats on the floor is time to cover your head with something, personally i used my blazer, as i dont care what happens to that :). As for now, im currently listening to my music and talking to various people on facebook, including Pixie Gilmore :) well anyway lesson of the day: Dont wind up ill people unless you are willing to be yelled at :)

infect someone with a smile :)

Gecky xx

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