Friday, 17 December 2010

When cod was just a fish!!

I miss the times when Cod was just a fish! and guys actually had a life and didnt sit like zombies playing on stupid games!!
I remember when apple and blackberry were mear fruits :L whats next the banana phone ;) ring ring ring ring ring ring ring bannah phone!!!!!
life was simpler when us girls thought boys were disgusting ;)
feel so good dancing to all the old tunes!! 5,6,7,8, the time warp, saturday night, cha cha slide, the macarana :L and les ketcup!! :)

Don’t let haters get me off my grind
Keep my head up,I know I’ll be fine
Keep fighting until I get there
When I’m down and I feel like giving up
I whip my hair back and forth ;)

Be yourself!!

Gecky xx

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