Thursday, 30 December 2010

Advice, girls dont steal other girls guys, and guys dont believe someone is a saint; I bet its all an act...

So I was listening to taylor swift as per usual and a song called better than revenge came on. This one song reminds me of this girl at my school... The lines that make me think of her are "shes not a saint,and shes not what you think shes an actress" because the guy she stole from me thinks she is a saint and cant do anything wrong... But me and everyone else know its all an act she thinks of him as her "property" because she went out with him once, so no on else can have him... I know this from personal experience... In my case this guy really liked me and I really liked him and just when we were going to get together, said girl found out and decided to tell him she really liked him... So he told me he likes me but likes her more and she likes him...he couldn't see she was lying, and we fell out... The only thing that made us friends again was when I found out she was with someone else, of course he didn't believe me at first but it came to the surface and he realised he'd made a mistake... "soon shes gonna find stealing other peoples toys on the play ground wont make you many friends, she should keep in mind, she should keep in mind there is nothing I do better than revenge!" taylor swift thank you once again for your songs which hold so much meaning for me...

Hugs and chocolate may not solve anything but it make you feel better :)

 Gecky xx

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