Thursday, 16 December 2010

Is an insult really an insult if you laugh about it??

I love how when most people shout insults at you,you get really offended, but oh no me and my friend Jory actually expect insults from one another and get offended if we dont get them :'),we have an on going poke war on the bookface (thats facebook to you) and have got into the pattern of going 'I've poked you whore' and 'I've poked you back bitch' So today in catering today i go ahead as usual and call Jory a whore to which se replies 'thank you!!!' so i wait for mine in return.... and i get nothing!! :O I ask where my insult was and she goes im so sorry bitch! and my reply is thank you! :) We are married apparently :L and have so many memories: paris was one of the best 4 days of my life. at the current moment we have an "evil plan!!" mwahahahahaHAHAHAAAAA!! ;D... anyways  back to our insults: a while back in english we watched 'the crucible' and our teacher was explaning to the class the definition of the word whore and i just turn to Jory and mime 'whore!!' to her, and we both burst out laughing :') . . . so dont be too offended when people say insults to you, they may not mean to offend you, could be a joke and to be fair if they do mean it who really cares... not you! or your friends! or me!! :)

Stay proud of who you are!!

Gecky xx

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