Monday, 30 May 2011

The blog of freedom!!

so long high school!! okay so i still have to back 3 more times :L twice for math exams and once for a geography exam but i just couldnt wait to blog :L ive been obsessivly trying not to write a blog post till the 17th of june which is the date of my final exam but i just couldnt hold it in any longer :D :D
okayss so let me begin with a run through of the exams i have had and how each has gone...
Monday 16th of May 2011- English paper 1... my very first exam, and it was english, the one i know i need to do well in, so i was pretty pleased with section A as it was on freerunning :L and considering my older brother does freerunning himself i think i have done okay in that part of the exam paper, and on section B i wrote an article all about if i agree with the statement "people shouldnt play dangerous sports" i argued that every sport has its dangers ;) woop was very proud of that article :P
Tuesday 17th of May 2011- Re exam, okay so i contradicted myself a lot in this exam as at the beginning i was saying how i dont believe in God and at the end how i was a Christian :L ahh well they mark each section seperately :) over all i was pleased with that exam cause its all your own oppinion and as long as you put in some key words here and there then you're good to go :P
Wednesday 18th of May 2011 - Catering...hmmm not the best exam paper ive ever done but it could have been worse :L though i couldnt for the life of me think of 3 kinds of knives a chef needs on a daily basis...bread knife,fish knife,butter knife? hope they are all real :L but i hope i have done well in this exam as i got an A* in my practicle :D
Wednesday 18th May 2011 -English paper 2... pleased with this exam! other cultures poetry went brilliantly, two of the best poems came up in the question and i wrote an essay that i am very proud of, section A couldnt have been better i dont think... okay section B..write to discribe a country scene in summer and winter, god i loved that question as its all your own imagination :) another english exam well done :)
Thurday 19th of May 2011- Biology 3! ugh not well done at all :/  i disliked the paper very much and cried a lot after :/ however after distroying my biology book i have come to realise that i actually answered all of the questions and hopefully i have done well enough to get a B over all (yn)
Tuesday 24th of May 2011- English literature... so after a good 5 day break between this paper and the bio paper i had time to relax and also to cram in as much revision as humanly possible! i went into this exam fully prepared, but never in a million years though i would come out of an exam so happy! seriously that exam was the best by far! the 'Of Mice And Men' question was about broken lives :D great thats 'George' and 'Curleys wife' boom sorted :) my essay was beautiful and i was rather proud of it, all 4 pages :D and then there was the 'Heaney and Clark' poetry section which asked about how language was used to present feelings EASY!!!!!! woo so so so sooooo happy with that exam it was unreal! :) (sad i know but who gives a damn)
Wednesday 25th of May 2011- Chemistry 3, okay so i have no perticular complaints about this exam though i wasnt exactly over joyed with it :L not a lot to discuss as i am 50/50 on how this one went :L
Friday 27th of May 2011- Physics 2&3...both because my physics teacher is a douch and obviously didnt understand when i told him i wasnt re-sitting the paper i got a D in :$ okay so triple science people shouldnt get a D but i did get a B in one exam and an A in my ISA (isa,isa baby) which would level me off at at least a high B stupid man :| but over all those 2 exams went better than i expected :)
that was all of the exams i have had :) but oh my days! the last day was seriously AMAZING!!!
i got soaked in a water fight
signed about a million people

took 112 photos :L
cried my eyes out
got covered in squirty cream
and ate wayyyy too much junk food :L

regardless of my amazing last day i am sort of glad to be free :) 12 whole weeks of freedom, 3 of which im in spain :D hehe the remaining 9 weeks i think i will either be asleep,on facebook or blogging, or out with my friends or boyfriend <3 ooooooh i forgot to mention that cheeky little detail :P no longer single (Y) woop :) though i do miss being able to sing "riding solo" really loud :L doesnt have the same affect if you are not in fact 'ridin solo' :P ah well worth it i guesss :D as i am happy!!!!!!!!!

chin up people, and good luck to any year 11's in the exams you have left <3

Gecky xx

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Cheeky Childhood Memories!!

Okay so i know i said i wouldnt blog till my GCSEs are over but whilst i remember some of this stuff ima share it with you!! :D english exam tomorrow!! arrr wish me luck!!!
  • okay so me and my friend KP  used to makes signs saying where her sister coulsnt go :L "no Gemmas aloud" :L oh how nice were we? :L
  • I used to call my step-dad Yawee :L his name is Alan :L i was a confused child I think, the strange thing about 2 years after these things called Yawee powers came out (weird right!?!)
  • me and said friend also used to follow my step-dad round going "naughty alan,naughty alan,naughty alan..." and so on :L
  • I used to go on walks with my parents when i was about 3 and just say "a walking stick" over and over again all the way :)
  • me and KP also used to colour in shells, played murder in the dark with my sisters, played polly pockets and sylvanian families
  • we also made a game called duck peach (our own take on bobbing apples)
  • okay so i had a pair of red wellies that i wouldnt take off :L slept with them on and everything :L
  • me and another friend Cooke :) we were crazy! we used to sit in puddles just for the hell of it
  • there was this one time when i tied her to the fence and when the bell went she was stuck, and i just left her there because i didnt want to get in trouble (yeh great friend i am )
  • there was another time when we put dairylee dunker cheese on the fence then went back later like "oh look who would be so naughty to do that?" cool much ;)
  • we used to play this game in the car on the way home where we pretended we couldnt see and we used to poke eachother :L
  • we once put a polly pocket dog in the microwave for 30 minutes :L yeh guess how that turned out...a nice blob of melted,burned plastic ummm :L
  • oh oh ohhh once the hair off one of her polly pockets fell off so we pretended it was a boy :') even though it is clearly wearing a bikini :L fail!!
okay so that is all i can think of right now :L if i think of more i'll add them to this post :D

okay now goodbye blogger i'll see you in 2 weeks when i break up for half term!! then after that only 3 more exams (Y) then IM FREEEEEE!!!!!!!!! :)

remember your childhood <3

Gecky xx

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Happy Saturday :)

So, as you can read from the title ^ today is saturday, the first lie in for a week :) so on saturday the 14th of May 2011 what have i got to share with you bloggers??

yesterday was Friday 13th!! so i was avoiding all 3 grids,black cats, mirrors and ladders :L just in case :)
i have recently found a love for skins :) i keep watching it :L i am now at the start of series 2 after 1 week :)
okay, so its monday in 2 days and i dont know if i should be happy because glee is on, or nervous because thats the day of my first GCSE exam!! english paper 1...the joy -_-
As i will be revising none stop from when i finish this blog to when all my GCSEs are over i wont be blogging :( but as soon as im done with them im gonna write a hugeee blogg to celebrate my freedom :) and probably to rave about prom and my leavers day ect ect :)
oh right, so the other day i ate 4 packets of tictacs and drank 3 big bottles of orange squash and was so hyper i ran into a door :L yeh that was funny :)

Im sitting in the house on my own on a saturday how fun is that :L but at least i have facebook,youtube,blogger and 4OD :L with this thought of me sitting all alone i will have to depart as skins series 2 awaits me :P (im having a break from revision for an hour or 2) so with that i'll love you and leave you :) <3

dont you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine!!!

Gecky xx

Thursday, 5 May 2011

That weird dream i had last october

Soooooo, back in October 2010, when i stayed at my friends for a week i had this really random dream about Taylor Swift :L i only just remembered about it the other way when shes stayed at mine and reminded me about it :) so i decided to blog about it as it was rather weird but funny <3 enjoy...

so right, I was best friends with Taylor Swift (that would be amazing!!) and she lived in England and i lived in America, she lived in this amazing white house in a field in the middle of nowhere, but the house was beautiful, she had built it herself of course, and i remember there was a swing which just made it that much better,and i went to visit and she wanted me to move in with her because she missed me so much, but i told her i couldnt because of all my friendsa and family in America, and she was telling me how lonely she was being all alone all the time, so i suggested that she moved to America with me and she agreed, the only problem was that she loved her house so much because she had built it herself so i told her to bring it with her, so we put her house and swing,on the back of my motor bike (i didnt have that when i arrived in England) and we rode all the way back to America, no boat/plane/train.. we just rode all the way there. so when we got there we set her house out in a new field and i moved in with her :) then i woke up :(

I only remember it cause TS was in it :) but other than that, that week was amazing :') something really funny happened in primark :L Me and KP were shopping in primark (as you do) and i had this jumper in my hand and the hanger got caught in this random womans pocket :L and she just kept on walking, KP turned to me and im just tugging at this hanger :L got it free finally!! then when trying to tell people about it we cry with laughter :') we also walked all the way to the shop just to get a chocolate gateaux :L was frozen and we put it in the microwave :') then someone came over and when she left i said 'i like her teeth' :')

Friends who are more like family are the best friends of all

And remember...never play leapfrog with a unicorn ;)

Gecky xx