Saturday, 14 May 2011

Happy Saturday :)

So, as you can read from the title ^ today is saturday, the first lie in for a week :) so on saturday the 14th of May 2011 what have i got to share with you bloggers??

yesterday was Friday 13th!! so i was avoiding all 3 grids,black cats, mirrors and ladders :L just in case :)
i have recently found a love for skins :) i keep watching it :L i am now at the start of series 2 after 1 week :)
okay, so its monday in 2 days and i dont know if i should be happy because glee is on, or nervous because thats the day of my first GCSE exam!! english paper 1...the joy -_-
As i will be revising none stop from when i finish this blog to when all my GCSEs are over i wont be blogging :( but as soon as im done with them im gonna write a hugeee blogg to celebrate my freedom :) and probably to rave about prom and my leavers day ect ect :)
oh right, so the other day i ate 4 packets of tictacs and drank 3 big bottles of orange squash and was so hyper i ran into a door :L yeh that was funny :)

Im sitting in the house on my own on a saturday how fun is that :L but at least i have facebook,youtube,blogger and 4OD :L with this thought of me sitting all alone i will have to depart as skins series 2 awaits me :P (im having a break from revision for an hour or 2) so with that i'll love you and leave you :) <3

dont you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine!!!

Gecky xx

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