Thursday, 5 May 2011

That weird dream i had last october

Soooooo, back in October 2010, when i stayed at my friends for a week i had this really random dream about Taylor Swift :L i only just remembered about it the other way when shes stayed at mine and reminded me about it :) so i decided to blog about it as it was rather weird but funny <3 enjoy...

so right, I was best friends with Taylor Swift (that would be amazing!!) and she lived in England and i lived in America, she lived in this amazing white house in a field in the middle of nowhere, but the house was beautiful, she had built it herself of course, and i remember there was a swing which just made it that much better,and i went to visit and she wanted me to move in with her because she missed me so much, but i told her i couldnt because of all my friendsa and family in America, and she was telling me how lonely she was being all alone all the time, so i suggested that she moved to America with me and she agreed, the only problem was that she loved her house so much because she had built it herself so i told her to bring it with her, so we put her house and swing,on the back of my motor bike (i didnt have that when i arrived in England) and we rode all the way back to America, no boat/plane/train.. we just rode all the way there. so when we got there we set her house out in a new field and i moved in with her :) then i woke up :(

I only remember it cause TS was in it :) but other than that, that week was amazing :') something really funny happened in primark :L Me and KP were shopping in primark (as you do) and i had this jumper in my hand and the hanger got caught in this random womans pocket :L and she just kept on walking, KP turned to me and im just tugging at this hanger :L got it free finally!! then when trying to tell people about it we cry with laughter :') we also walked all the way to the shop just to get a chocolate gateaux :L was frozen and we put it in the microwave :') then someone came over and when she left i said 'i like her teeth' :')

Friends who are more like family are the best friends of all

And remember...never play leapfrog with a unicorn ;)

Gecky xx

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