Tuesday, 12 April 2011

16 Futher Muckers!!!!!!

woooooooooo! oh yeh! i am offically 16 brilliant years of age!! and to be fare i dont feel at all different :L but to be honest i couldnt care less!!! i love my birthday!

so i stayed up till midnight :L forcing various members of my friendship group stay away with me :)
 some things you can do at 16:
Play the lottery
Ride a moped
Get piercings without parental permission
Have sex
Get married with your parent's consent
Leave school (at the end of year 11) and work full time
Go solo in a glider

the last song i listened to was "fifteen" by taylor swift <3
 in conclusion 16 is not much different than 15 tbh :L ah well! life goes on!!!


Gecky xx

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