Sunday, 27 February 2011

You're so fake you make barbie look real

Okay :) so i have this one friend and we are determined to catch this girl in our school who looks like an oompa loompa :) we have decided to capture her and make her make us chocolate ^^ mwahahahaha.
so we have various jokes about people who look like this:

  • Shes been banged more times than a ketchup bottle
  • looks liks shes been gangbanged by oranges
  • nice make up. did you just dip your face in it this morning?
  • KFC rang, they want their bucket back
  • she has fake hair,fake nails,fake eyelashes, fake tan, im guessing she was made in china?
  • natural tan? only if your mums a wotsit
  • shes so orange she counts as one of your 5-a-day
  • excuse me the oompa loompas want their facepaint back
  • shes seen more pricks than a second hand dart board
  • you need sunglasses to look at her bleach blonde hair
  • i've been wondering why my wotsits are less orange recently. now i know
  • OHMYGOD! a walking carrot!!... wait its just someone with bad fake tan!
  • she been played with more times than a childs legos
  • wow babe, you tan looks lush...LOL.JK, Willy Wonka says get back to work!
  • where did you come from the side of the road? sorry i mistook you for a traffic cone
  • run out of foundation? its all good i got cheesy doritos, im sure the dust from them will do the same job
Dear orange face girls, if you aren't careful you will end up the same colour as my writing and you WILL look like this >

The only make up you need to wear is a smile :)

Gecky xx

Friday, 25 February 2011

3 week holiday in spain, i should be happy right? well i'm not!!!!

My parents have just booked a holiday for 3 weeks in spain, yeh i'd usually be over the moon, i mean 3 whole weeks of sun! but right now i couldn't possibly feel worse about it!!!! the dates over lap with my GCSE results day!! one of THE most important days of the year for me! and i miss it!!
i miss everything, always have. first day of year 7 on holiday, first day of year 11 on holiday, now results day,enrolement day, probably first day of 6th form!! its so unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!
This year i've been working so so hard. to get good grades, i've been working towards that one day when i get my brown envelope and get to open it and be the first person to read my results! but now its all been blown out of the water!!
apparently it'll be okay, i'll forget cuz im in spain, but i wont! my sister will get my results for me! and tell me them down the phone! but thats isnt what i want! i dont want her seeing my results before me! they're my GCSE results that i worked hard for I want to open MY results surrounded by my friends! thats how its ment to be!!! :'( not how my parents are planning! so im sitting at the laptop on the brink of crying my eyes out! but i cant cuz they think im ungrateful now!! i should thank them! ugh NO!!
Right now im not thanking you!!! you've ruined everything for me!!
You know what , you cant just steal the boat, why not drive it up on the docks, set fire to the gally and dance around on the flaming deck! dont let me go to prom? i dont know. might as well not go, cuz "it'll all be fine" FINE??? NOOO! its not all fine at all!!!!

and in the words of Taylor Swift :
Oh I don't wanna grow up, wish I'd never grown up
I could still be little
Oh I don't wanna grow up, wish I'd never grown up
It could still be simple!!!
if i were younger this wouldn't matter but right now its like 3 weeks of hell!!!!!!!!!!

for lack of a better happy thing to say, find someone who will listen, if that fails blog!

Gecky xx

Sunday, 20 February 2011

I walk with my head down,trying to block you out, cuz i never impress you!!

Not good enough anymore?

Bookface is causing a lot of trouble at the moment!!

1) one person is deleting all my wall posts!! to be fair my first was saying he was gay, the other was asking how he was ect :O i was shocked and felt unloved !!!!

2) my mum started a poke war with me :|

and 3) my "friend" deletes every comment i put on his pictures,wall,videos ect. he delets my pokes and ignores my inbox's!!!!!

but this one person took it outside of facebook
i'll go out he'll be there 5 mins later he'll leave. his best mate is also my bestfriend but i got to talk to my bf and this guy walks off

smile smile smileee

Gecky xx

Monday, 7 February 2011

Romeo and Juliet are fools!!!!!!

Dear Romeo and Juliet,

im glad you died! my reasons why are as follows...

one, if Shakepeare didn't make you up then i wouldnt have had to spent weeks on a stupid essay about you
two, you had a life that was so great you were both rich and high status in Verona
three, you were in love you had it all so much better than me and then you kill yourselvs :| pure stupidity says me!! and also to be quiet honest if only you comunicated better then you would not have got in this mess although you would be sneaking around! also Romeo i think you should have done the decent thing and spoke to Juliets dad before asking her to marry you. then maybe none of this would of happened, Mercusio,Tybalt,You and Juliet would all be alive!!!

love from me :)

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, thats is why its called a present

live for now!!

Gecky xx

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Do you think i've gone mad?...|'m afraid so, completely bonkers, but let me tell you a secret...all the best people are :)

So i am really into Alice in wonderland at the moment!

I have had discussions with many a friend to discover the answer to the hatters riddle of 'why is a raven like a writing desk?' and i have come to 3 conclusions :)

1) they can both take you somewhere, a raven can fly and there for can take you places and on a writing desk you can write things that take you anywhere you like.

2) the both produce a few notes that are flat. the ravens song is very flat and tuneless and on a writing desk you can makes notes on paper that is flat

and 3 which is my personal favourite

3) there is actually no meaning to this riddle and was created to give a sence of how strange wonderland is, who could a raven which is a bird ever be anything like a writing desk which is a piece of furnature...

A little rhyme from the original disney film and the book has stuck in my mind..

How doth the little crocodile
improve his shining tail
and pour the water of the nile
on every golden scale

How cheerfully he seems to grin
how neatly spread his claws
and laws the little fishes in
with gently smiling jaws.

somethims i like to believe as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast!

1 there's a potion that can make you shrink
2 and a cake that can make you grow
3 animals can talk
4 cats can disappear
5 there's a place called wonderland
6 i can slay the jabberwokky!

don't be scared to be yourself! smile!!

Gecky xx