Sunday, 20 February 2011

I walk with my head down,trying to block you out, cuz i never impress you!!

Not good enough anymore?

Bookface is causing a lot of trouble at the moment!!

1) one person is deleting all my wall posts!! to be fair my first was saying he was gay, the other was asking how he was ect :O i was shocked and felt unloved !!!!

2) my mum started a poke war with me :|

and 3) my "friend" deletes every comment i put on his pictures,wall,videos ect. he delets my pokes and ignores my inbox's!!!!!

but this one person took it outside of facebook
i'll go out he'll be there 5 mins later he'll leave. his best mate is also my bestfriend but i got to talk to my bf and this guy walks off

smile smile smileee

Gecky xx

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