Sunday, 27 February 2011

You're so fake you make barbie look real

Okay :) so i have this one friend and we are determined to catch this girl in our school who looks like an oompa loompa :) we have decided to capture her and make her make us chocolate ^^ mwahahahaha.
so we have various jokes about people who look like this:

  • Shes been banged more times than a ketchup bottle
  • looks liks shes been gangbanged by oranges
  • nice make up. did you just dip your face in it this morning?
  • KFC rang, they want their bucket back
  • she has fake hair,fake nails,fake eyelashes, fake tan, im guessing she was made in china?
  • natural tan? only if your mums a wotsit
  • shes so orange she counts as one of your 5-a-day
  • excuse me the oompa loompas want their facepaint back
  • shes seen more pricks than a second hand dart board
  • you need sunglasses to look at her bleach blonde hair
  • i've been wondering why my wotsits are less orange recently. now i know
  • OHMYGOD! a walking carrot!!... wait its just someone with bad fake tan!
  • she been played with more times than a childs legos
  • wow babe, you tan looks lush...LOL.JK, Willy Wonka says get back to work!
  • where did you come from the side of the road? sorry i mistook you for a traffic cone
  • run out of foundation? its all good i got cheesy doritos, im sure the dust from them will do the same job
Dear orange face girls, if you aren't careful you will end up the same colour as my writing and you WILL look like this >

The only make up you need to wear is a smile :)

Gecky xx

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