Friday, 25 February 2011

3 week holiday in spain, i should be happy right? well i'm not!!!!

My parents have just booked a holiday for 3 weeks in spain, yeh i'd usually be over the moon, i mean 3 whole weeks of sun! but right now i couldn't possibly feel worse about it!!!! the dates over lap with my GCSE results day!! one of THE most important days of the year for me! and i miss it!!
i miss everything, always have. first day of year 7 on holiday, first day of year 11 on holiday, now results day,enrolement day, probably first day of 6th form!! its so unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!
This year i've been working so so hard. to get good grades, i've been working towards that one day when i get my brown envelope and get to open it and be the first person to read my results! but now its all been blown out of the water!!
apparently it'll be okay, i'll forget cuz im in spain, but i wont! my sister will get my results for me! and tell me them down the phone! but thats isnt what i want! i dont want her seeing my results before me! they're my GCSE results that i worked hard for I want to open MY results surrounded by my friends! thats how its ment to be!!! :'( not how my parents are planning! so im sitting at the laptop on the brink of crying my eyes out! but i cant cuz they think im ungrateful now!! i should thank them! ugh NO!!
Right now im not thanking you!!! you've ruined everything for me!!
You know what , you cant just steal the boat, why not drive it up on the docks, set fire to the gally and dance around on the flaming deck! dont let me go to prom? i dont know. might as well not go, cuz "it'll all be fine" FINE??? NOOO! its not all fine at all!!!!

and in the words of Taylor Swift :
Oh I don't wanna grow up, wish I'd never grown up
I could still be little
Oh I don't wanna grow up, wish I'd never grown up
It could still be simple!!!
if i were younger this wouldn't matter but right now its like 3 weeks of hell!!!!!!!!!!

for lack of a better happy thing to say, find someone who will listen, if that fails blog!

Gecky xx

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