Saturday, 14 April 2012

M is for monkeys

Baby monkey, baby monkey, riding on a pig baby monkey!! Another weird thing to youtube :P
Another break from blogging tomorrow, letter N on monday :)

Gecky xx

Friday, 13 April 2012

L is for Llamas with hats

Which is amazing :P " caaaaaaaaaarlllll" my favourite bit is " my stomach was makibg the rumblies,that only hands could satisfy" :') youtube it!!

Gecky xx

K is for Kangaroo

Who wouldnt like kangeroos? Makes me think if a family guy episode when they go to the zoo and peter gets in the pouch of a kangeroo XD makes me laugh every time :D

Gecky xx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

J is for Jellybeans

Jelly beans :) which i clearly like (hence my background) nom nom nom, the proper jelly bean factory ones are my favourite :P there are sooooo many flavours :D

Gecky xx

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I is for Indalo man

The Indalo Man is an ancient symbol found in the province of Almeria over 100 years ago. Also know to some as the “Indalo Puppet”, it was first found somewhere in the Las Velez mountain range of northern Almeria province in a caved known as La Cueva de los Letreros (Cave of the Signboards), near Velez Blanco by Antonio Gong√≥nia y Martinez in 1868. The cave itself was made a National Historic Monument in 1924. The symbol is said to date back to Neolithic times and seems to depict a man holding a rainbow in his arms, over his head.

The original symbol was also placed along another of symbols, including horned men and animals. It is believed to date back some 4500 years. Some believe that the Indalo represents a prehistoric god holding the rainbow in his open arms in an apparent pact of protection with man. Others believe that the true meaning has been lost. The Indalo became a local “good charm” symbol and over time, it was used to ward away bad luck and even the “evil eye”.
My parents have an apartment in a small town in spain called Mojaca where the indalo man can be found everywhere :) i have many at home too, in my room, on my keys and on my necklace :)

Gecky xx

H is for Hogwarts

After 17 years of waiting ive finally decided that my exceptance letter to Hogwars is never going to come...i bet my mother hid it ;)

Gecky xx

Saturday, 7 April 2012

G is for Gecky

So where did gecky come from?? As its my favourite nick name :) well it all started one day when i has a handful of crisps and instead of picking them up i was uding my tounge to get individual ones :P plus im ALWAYS cold, my friend decided i was a gecko, as im quite small at 4ft 11 i became little gecko and then gecky :) well thats the story behind gecky :) anyone else got a strange nickname?? :)

Day off from blogging tomorrow...what ever will i do instead :O hehe....letter H on monday though :) have a nice easter sunday everyone :)

Gecky xx

Friday, 6 April 2012

F is for Friday

I love fridays especially today, as it's my birthday :)
"Friday friday, gotta get down on friday" :P
G is the letter for tomorrow, wonder what I could write about...

Gecky xx

Thursday, 5 April 2012

E is for Ed Sheeran

Ed sheeran has got to be one of my favourite male artists at the moment :)! Even thogh hes ginger (gingers have souls) tehehehe i am slightly addicted to his music :P mostly one night which is just amazinggg!! He has such a lovely voice :) "tell her that i love her, tell her that i need her, tell her that shes more than a one night stand, tell her that she turns my cheeks the colour of my hsir, all i wanna do is be near" <3 love love LOVEEEEEE :P

Also its my birthday tomorrowwww (eeeeekkk)
Letter F tomorrow :)

Gecky xx

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

C is for College

3rd day of the challenge and college is my topic today :)  so ive now been in college since september and i love it, its a lot of work but i still love it... Im now down to 3 subjects as my exams didnt go particularly well :/ so i had to drop maths (sob sob....hahaha no i hate maths) and now i have to focus more on upcoming exams in may, and also my EPQ ( extended project qualification) which im quite looking forward too :) but other than my failure i am really enjoying college, i have got a good group of friends who are so much fun and i wouldnt change them at all, however i really do need to focus more as i do want to pass all my a levels :L well its half term atm and i have already been in 3 times for revision so i think im doing quite well... psychology, sociology and biology and more biology tomorrow 10-1 oh the joy.... on the down side of college i do miss some of my friends who go to another college...but im happy with the decision i made towards the college i go to and im glad i didnt go anywhere else :) more from me and the challenge tomorrow with the letter D :)

Gecky xx

Monday, 2 April 2012

B is for Birthdays

Thought that birthdays was a good topic for todays blog because its my 17th in 4 days :) another year older for me :P i love my birthday, it is deffinately one of the best days of the year :) the good thing about it is that my birthday is always near easter, so im usually off school, however, last year (my last year in compulsary education) easter was not near my birthday :| so for the first time ever i had to go to school :L then again i did have a good day :) and did get the best present ever ( see my post called "the crowd amd stamds went wild" :P ) but this year i have nothing to ask for :L ive already been given an early birthday present from Spam, hehee, he got me a me to you bear, some flowers and the hunger games book :) im on chapter 4 :P the thing i always find with other peoples birthdays is that i never know what to get them so i usually settle for chocolate- the only person i no longer buy chocolate for is my mum and thats because i will usually end up eating it myself :L anyone else have that problem?? :P my birthday is good friday this year :) friday the 6th of april :P anywaaaay, time to go now, i'll blog again tomorrow :)

Gecky xx