Saturday, 7 April 2012

G is for Gecky

So where did gecky come from?? As its my favourite nick name :) well it all started one day when i has a handful of crisps and instead of picking them up i was uding my tounge to get individual ones :P plus im ALWAYS cold, my friend decided i was a gecko, as im quite small at 4ft 11 i became little gecko and then gecky :) well thats the story behind gecky :) anyone else got a strange nickname?? :)

Day off from blogging tomorrow...what ever will i do instead :O hehe....letter H on monday though :) have a nice easter sunday everyone :)

Gecky xx


  1. If you study science, you could be geeky gecky!

  2. My dad calls me Moby because I tried reading Moby Dick when I was 8. He calls my oldest sister Teener Weiner... Which somehow stems from Kristina. I can see the to Tina to Teener but where the rest comes from... Beats me. And he calls one of my other sisters Stinkweeder.
    Nicknames could be the language of love!