Tuesday, 3 April 2012

C is for College

3rd day of the challenge and college is my topic today :)  so ive now been in college since september and i love it, its a lot of work but i still love it... Im now down to 3 subjects as my exams didnt go particularly well :/ so i had to drop maths (sob sob....hahaha no i hate maths) and now i have to focus more on upcoming exams in may, and also my EPQ ( extended project qualification) which im quite looking forward too :) but other than my failure i am really enjoying college, i have got a good group of friends who are so much fun and i wouldnt change them at all, however i really do need to focus more as i do want to pass all my a levels :L well its half term atm and i have already been in 3 times for revision so i think im doing quite well... psychology, sociology and biology and more biology tomorrow 10-1 oh the joy.... on the down side of college i do miss some of my friends who go to another college...but im happy with the decision i made towards the college i go to and im glad i didnt go anywhere else :) more from me and the challenge tomorrow with the letter D :)

Gecky xx


  1. Your college experience will create memories that last a lifetime. Too, it's so easy to have a blast and neglect ones studies.

    Finding the right blend of study and fun will make the experience more memorable. I am now a teacher/writer (and don't like math much either), but I understand the importance of it. Have you thought about getting a tutor there at the university?

  2. I'm stopping by from the Challenge. Yes, college IS a lot of work but it will be so worth it. Be glad you're getting it completed at an early age. I'm one year out from being finished and about to hit my mid-thirties! HA!

    Nice to meet you and best of luck in the challenge (and with all those exams!)

    Cheers from a new follower,

  3. College will be the best time of your life! Enjoy, and I fully support NO MATH!

  4. Hi Gecky, I'm stopping by from the Challenge. I can feel the teacher and career counsellor in me taking over with my comment! I'm with Jeremy up there, have you thought of getting a tutor, they can make all the difference, and weirdly, maths can be important throughout your life and open up lots of opportunities for further rewarding study.