Monday, 2 April 2012

B is for Birthdays

Thought that birthdays was a good topic for todays blog because its my 17th in 4 days :) another year older for me :P i love my birthday, it is deffinately one of the best days of the year :) the good thing about it is that my birthday is always near easter, so im usually off school, however, last year (my last year in compulsary education) easter was not near my birthday :| so for the first time ever i had to go to school :L then again i did have a good day :) and did get the best present ever ( see my post called "the crowd amd stamds went wild" :P ) but this year i have nothing to ask for :L ive already been given an early birthday present from Spam, hehee, he got me a me to you bear, some flowers and the hunger games book :) im on chapter 4 :P the thing i always find with other peoples birthdays is that i never know what to get them so i usually settle for chocolate- the only person i no longer buy chocolate for is my mum and thats because i will usually end up eating it myself :L anyone else have that problem?? :P my birthday is good friday this year :) friday the 6th of april :P anywaaaay, time to go now, i'll blog again tomorrow :)

Gecky xx

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