Sunday, 15 May 2011

Cheeky Childhood Memories!!

Okay so i know i said i wouldnt blog till my GCSEs are over but whilst i remember some of this stuff ima share it with you!! :D english exam tomorrow!! arrr wish me luck!!!
  • okay so me and my friend KP  used to makes signs saying where her sister coulsnt go :L "no Gemmas aloud" :L oh how nice were we? :L
  • I used to call my step-dad Yawee :L his name is Alan :L i was a confused child I think, the strange thing about 2 years after these things called Yawee powers came out (weird right!?!)
  • me and said friend also used to follow my step-dad round going "naughty alan,naughty alan,naughty alan..." and so on :L
  • I used to go on walks with my parents when i was about 3 and just say "a walking stick" over and over again all the way :)
  • me and KP also used to colour in shells, played murder in the dark with my sisters, played polly pockets and sylvanian families
  • we also made a game called duck peach (our own take on bobbing apples)
  • okay so i had a pair of red wellies that i wouldnt take off :L slept with them on and everything :L
  • me and another friend Cooke :) we were crazy! we used to sit in puddles just for the hell of it
  • there was this one time when i tied her to the fence and when the bell went she was stuck, and i just left her there because i didnt want to get in trouble (yeh great friend i am )
  • there was another time when we put dairylee dunker cheese on the fence then went back later like "oh look who would be so naughty to do that?" cool much ;)
  • we used to play this game in the car on the way home where we pretended we couldnt see and we used to poke eachother :L
  • we once put a polly pocket dog in the microwave for 30 minutes :L yeh guess how that turned out...a nice blob of melted,burned plastic ummm :L
  • oh oh ohhh once the hair off one of her polly pockets fell off so we pretended it was a boy :') even though it is clearly wearing a bikini :L fail!!
okay so that is all i can think of right now :L if i think of more i'll add them to this post :D

okay now goodbye blogger i'll see you in 2 weeks when i break up for half term!! then after that only 3 more exams (Y) then IM FREEEEEE!!!!!!!!! :)

remember your childhood <3

Gecky xx

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