Friday, 10 December 2010

some wise words from someone who doesnt even matter

To girls: Please dont waste all your time chasing after one guy, who when it comes to it really isnt worth it.If he doesnt text back when he tells you to text him or walks away when you say hi, just give up, i learn from living that this is really not worth getting into. take time to get over him, spend lots of time with your friends and laugh untill you cry, and remember all your best moments. be individual dont follow the crowd, because that wont get you anywhere.

For the guys: if you like a girl for god sake please tell her dont play hard to get because girls wont wait for you forever. if you have a close group of female friends dont be cocky because one by one they will start to not like you so much, try to be yourself because that is the best way, dont be a fool and lose your friends.

Dear everybody: listen to music when you're upset, cherish your friends and take pictures everyday, if you dont talk to somone for months you should consider getting back in touch with them :) it is seriously worth it!! be there for everyone you can it makes you a good person, even if someone isnt considered "cool" take into consideration that if that was you, you wouldn't like it either.

Remember:    Live,Laugh,Love

Gecky xx

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