Sunday, 19 December 2010

What i call friends :')

So what i call my friends is what most people would call weirdo's :') but we are just living our lives for us not to please people who aren't impostant.
My friends are actually more like my family :L there is of course that one friend who i see as more but we'll not go into that now
There is a couple who i think of as my 'bestfriends' but they are just the people i feel i will still be friends with in the future.
A friend is someone who you should always be there for and should help pick thm up when their down!!
someone who you can act stupid with but never leaves your side even when you're wrong!

For a girl: some girls have a big group of girly friends but i find it easier to talk to the guys in our group. the girls gossip way too much and its nice to escape from! a girl will have a girl bestfriend (or 2) and a guy who is their bestfriend in the end they cannot live without either of them!
A friend will comfort you when you get rejected but it'll be your bestfriend who goes up to him and says 'its because your gay isn't it?' :')

For a guy: a friend is someone to laugh with, they seem to keep to them selves but often there will be one close friend that they will tell things to and they expect that person to keep it secret!

A relationship should never come between a friendship and a friendship should never come between a relationship!

individuality is the way forward!!

Gecky xx

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