Saturday, 18 December 2010

I Love My Bestfriend And The Random Texts I Get From Him

Him: I think the ancient egyptians got it right with religion,and i think we should apply it to our lives now.
Me: yeah okay (:
Him: The ancient eygiptians believed that when you died you were raised up to heaven, as to whether you gained access to heaven depended upon 2 questions: 1) have you found joy in your life? (answer it)
Me: yes i have :) through my friends and familyHim: 2) has your life brought joy to others? (answer it, but remember you've got to be honest!)
Me: to that one i really don't know the answer :/
Him: see i'd answer similary. which is why i'm applying it to my life now :) i'm just gonna try and be kinder to people,more forgiving,not so i can get into eygiptian heaven :L just so at the end of my life i can say 'I did bring joy to other peoples lives'
Me: well i know 1 person whos life you have brought joy to already :)
him: same to you! and thanks :)

this conversation came from no where :')

try bring joy to others

Gecky xx

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