Wednesday, 15 December 2010

So,there are some things i've discovered.......

That everybody is going to hurt you eventually, weither they do it purposly or if they did everything they could to avoid it but it still happens in the end, its hard to admit but they will.
Even you hurt people, if you say you dont then you're lying to yourself, everybody does it some people set out to break other people down,others care little and some people try their hardest to not hurt you.
I've recently discovered that someone who you loved is often the person who hurts you the most!! and crying your heart out down the phone to them actually gets the point across that they have hurt you badly and then they feel the pain too, because they realise they have done wrong by you.
rumors are delishious :') people who come up with rumors make my life!! how all the lies are just to cover how uncomfortable they are with their own lives :) that they think people actually believe them! so here is to all the gossip spreaders : thank you so much!! you make me laugh with your unreliable words!!!
that long distance friends are always the people you trust the most because they cannot spread things! even if they did the people they told wouldnt even know you.
a hug from your bestfriend is always the hug you want when you're down!
it can happen so suddenly: one minute you and your big brother hate eachother and fight all the time, then it all changes and you have to hang round with eachother because you have the same friends, but it gets to the stage where you talk :) i never thought i'd admit this but i think my brother is my friend now :')
that no matter what im going on the computer for i will end up on facebook and msn, tallking to the same people again and again but never run out of things to say!
a smile on the right persons face can cause a smile on your own :) :)

Stay happy people !!!!! :)

Gecky xx

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