Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Trouble , trouble, trouble ;)

so its one week until chritsmas day :D and all the christmas decorations are up in the house :) "its the most, wonderful time of the year"

however this blog is for a completely different reason :P i am completely obsessed with ~Taylor Swift (even more than ever before) i find myself dancing around my room to the songs from red :') the one thing i love about her is the fact that i can relate to her songs and they always remind me of a certain memory :)

my current favourite is I knew you were trouble (and not because thats the "newest single" because ive had the album since it was released) i just love dancing like im crazy and singing alone :') also the video is increadable, not the normal princess like themed video, this time Swift goes for pink dip die hair and looks more punk rocker :) but i will admit i LOVE it...

any way the christmas count down is on :) 7 more days then i'll be eating turkey dinner and opening presents with my family :)

as my blogs are now few and far between i guess i wont blog for a while , so merry christmas everyone :)

Gecky xx

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