Thursday, 23 April 2015

T is for...Taylor Swift

This was an obvious choice for me!! As anyone who's read any of my previous posts will know I love Taylor swift!! She is my all time favourite artist and I have 106 songs on my iPod and I know every word to each one! Obviously with 1989 still being fairly new I'm still obsessing over it, but recently I've been listening to stuff from fearless! And I adore it! I can find something in me that relates to each and everyone of her songs!! She is an incredible singer and song writer!!! My all time favourite must still be love story, but I adore enchanted, sparks fly, all too well wonderland and of course...blank space! I love getting a new album because it means I get to decode the little messages she leaves in the song lyrics!!! Before I turned 16 I went to see her, for her speak now tour and it still stands to be one of the best nights of my whole life!!! I'm not to proud to say that I have the Polaroids that came with the deluxe version of 1989 on my wall, clipped on strong with tiny red pegs! 

Be fearless,speak now and love is red!!

Gecky x

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