Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Bit of eclipse

when we were 5 they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up,our answers were things like, astronought,president, or in my case a princess...
when we were 10 they asked again,we answered, rockstar, cowboy or in my case a gold medalist...
but now that we've grown up they want a serious answer, well how about this...who the hell knows?
this isn't the time to make hard and fast decisions,this is the time to make mistakes, take the wrong train and get stuck somewhere, fall in love... a lot!,major in phillosiphy cuz there is no way to make a career out of that, change your mind, and change it again, because nothings perminent!, so make as many mistakes as you can,that way someday when they ack what we wanna be,we wont have to guess, we'll know!!

make mistakes, thats the best way to learn

Gecky xx

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