Monday, 20 June 2011

Boredom is taking over...

Ive been of school for little over 3 weeks and Im going slightly mad :L there is only so much tv you can watch and so much walking you can do around a small town... so I have decided to blog away my boredom... i have got into a pattern of watching a film every night and i am slowely running out of decent films to watch :L and by day i dwindle away the hours by watching pointless youtube clips, occasionally finding something quite amusing...
for the past week i have looking for inspiration for a blog, and have found nothing :L the days are starting to murge together and i never know the date or what day it is even, leaving school means you have a lot of spare time on your hand, and with nothing to do with that time you find yourself slowly going insane!!
oh i must tell you about my last 3 exams :)

Maths paper 1...maths has always been simple :)
Maths paper 2... went well i think :) actually remembered my calulator :)
Geography- what a beautiful paper :) went really well!

After searching for inspiration for weeks, just sitting here now has reminded me of something that i must share...
so, my year 11 prom is in just over a week, and it was ment to be at the beautiful Pecforton Castle, however, sadly there was a major fire there early on sunday morning, 100 plus fire fighters were there and even then they struggled to contain the blaze and an entire wing of the castle is ruined, leaving over 1 million pounds worth of damage...and al of this is because of a row over a bill, there was a wedding at the castle on saturday and late that night at the bar the grooms money ran out and the barman refused to serve him, and ive heard the guy said "you'll pay for this" (very over dramatic if you ask me), but they did, early hours on sunday morning he set fire to the main function room, and over 100 people had to be evacuated,luckily no one was hurt and after looking at the CCTV the police arrested the groom for arson and intent to harm,and fire crews worked through the day trying to contain the flames, they were successful and this saved the rest of the building,and they worked well into the night to put it out full, crews are still working today, dampening all the hot spots to ensure it is safe so that investigators can go onto the scene, stupid how he thought he would get away with that!! and what a good way to begin your marriage, being arrested and having your new wife and all of the guests lives out at risk! and now our prom will probably not be there! it will still be on the same night regardless but we are all utterly gutted about this event! also about 20 couples have phones the hotel to ask what will happen on their days, but even the staff do not know yet...what a stupid man! and i hope he goes to prison for a very long time, not only for ruining our prom and some peoples wedding plans but for endangering so many peoples lives all because he couldnt get any more alcohol...tragic really :(

i am sure i will blog about my prom and therefore you will have a full update on what has happened :)

when nothing is going right, go left instead

Gecky xx

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