Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Prom and Problems...

okay, we shall begin with the possitive side of this post :P which was my year 11 prom! what.a.night!!! seriously it was so much fun, my dress was the most beautiful thing ive seen and after getting all dressed up, where better to have it than at peckforton castle! fairytale much >.< though the function room was previously burnt down :( (see last blog below) though they attached a markee to the castle and it was simply beautiful, great setting,great people!! so my brothers girlfriend was doing my make up...she was late!! making me the last person who was going in our limo to be ready...the limo was picking us up at my house :$ teeeheee, anyway,the limo ride was fun, 8 of us sat and sang our hearts out whilst being drove around :) so there were lots of hugs on arrival (ive missed everyone so much) and everyone looked so so wonderful, we danced the night away and the time went too quickly...the photograoher liked my smile ^^ he is my new best friend...he called me the girl with the cheeky smile ;) woop!! ive pulled ;) but i had some friends stay over after and we stayed up most of the night just chatting :)

and now the other half...not so good i guess... ive been faced with the problem that my bestfriend may be leaving...i mean i knew it was a possibility that he wouldnt go to sixth form but he was never 100% and lately thing have been happening that have swayed him towards staying on and he told me that he would be...however today he tells me hes still not sure and hes gonna make his decision this week...and tell me on friday when he sees my for taster lessons...meaning friday could be the last chance i see him again! ever :'( he lives in the middle of no where and struggles to get into t'wich and if he is busy with a job and everything else that he has to do, im sure the little contact we have will soon vanish...i dont think he realised how much of a heart breaking decision this could be for other people, hes such a cheery guy and is practically the heart of our friendship group, but most importantly he means everything to me, and i'll be utterly crushed if i never see him again...i really dont know what i will do without him :'(

Holiday in spain is getting closer >.< ahhhhhhh actually cannot wait now :D

There cannot be a rainbow,without a cloud or a storm...

Gecky xx

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