Friday, 15 July 2011

Up coming events

Future... that is the topic of this post :) and the reason i decided on that was that today i figured out that i am exactly 16years and 100 days old :) that means there are 265 days until my 17th birthday :D

that is next year, so not so close, as for this year...

there are some exciting dates coming up :D

  1. in 31 sleeps i shall be off to spain for 3 whole weeks!!!
  2. GCSE results day on the 25th of august! arrrrr
  3. then on the 7th of september i start 6th form and i really cannot wait!!
  4. then on the 31st of october is halloween :P and am off to KPs for another party (tweedle dum and tweedle dee this year)
  5. then of bombfire night on the 5th of november,not really that exciting but oh well :P
  6. and christmas is in december!!!!!! 163 days to go :P
and that would about be it for this year! but i am so excited about getting into 6th form and starting my A levels <3 sociology,psychology,biology and mathology (thats just maths but because im doing all 'ologys' i decided to change it) eeeeekk cannot wait as i have already had taster lessons and loved each and every one :) on the down side it seems my bestfriend has chosen not to go 6th form and to move on with his life but all the same i wish him well and will still stay in contact...
"never mind i'll find someone like you,i wish nothing but the best for you too,dont forget me, i begged,i remember you said,sometimes it lasts in love,but somtimes it hurts instead!"

as my holiday is so soon i shall be blogging a lot in the upcoming weeks as i wont have internet access whilst i am over in spain, so thats 3 weeks without a blog post, however that does mean that i will have lots to blog about when i get back!! GCSE results and holiday that should be an interesting post..

but for now, i am off to KPs for 5 days to get away from boredom,listen to nyan cat and laugh a lot :) for 5 days bye bye blogger, so that leaves 26 days between when i get home to when i leave for holiday, thats 26 possible blogs if i post every day which i probably wont because i will run out of topics to write about... farwell :)

all of us could take a lesson from the weather,it pays no attention to criticism!

Gecky xx

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