Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Real later starter...

I woke up late today, actually i do that everyday, got no place to be seen im not part of a scene im a genious, loser, keeping councel with my own opinion,president of the state that im in, should i just stay in bed?should i like in my head? oh god so many questions to ask...

5 days till spain <3 cannot wait to get out of rainy,dull england and off to somewhere hot and sunny <3 :D
seriously, its the middle of summer and im sat at home with gloeves on because its that cold :| the other day i went out in jeans,a t shirt, a thick hoodie, a coat,2 pairs of socks,trainers, a wooly hat and gloves!! and i was still pretty cold :|

i wish i was at an age where it was still exceptable to splash in puddles :) but unfortunately, at 16 i think id get some funny looks :L though i love dancing in summer storms, after weeks of it being boiling there is nothing better than a really big rain storm, when the rain is warm and its perfect and smells beautiful :) "drop everything now,meet me in the pouring rain,kiss me on the side walk, take away the pain,cause i see,sparks fly whenever you smile" .... Taylor Swift seems to like storms too :D "and i dont know why but, with you i'd dance, in a storm in my best dress, fearless" <3 <3

soft kitty,warm kitty, little ball of fur,happy kitty,soft kitty,pur,pur purrr....just a song of the big band theory that ive had in my head for over a week now!! :|

no point in worrying,when life is a disaster, inside my little head im happy ever after...

there is nothing like a happy song to put you in a good mood :)

Gecky xx

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