Tuesday, 6 September 2011

New start :)

As i start college tomorrow i thought that i would write a blog about new beginnings :)

i guess i should review my holiday in spain...i did a lot of swimming and came home with about 4 million new bracelets (i have problems i know,i like bracelets too much), i met some cowboys (heheeee) got broken up with over text message but then got great GCSE results which made me feel better (Y)

A*, 3 As,4Bs and 4Cs <3 so wooooooooop :) i got into college fine and will be studying psychology,sociology,biology and mathology :D pretty darn excited about it now but also kinda nervous, as im loosing a few of my close friends as they are all going off to different colleges,still in the year below me or like one friend (who may i add is soooooo clever) who is being stupid and galavanting about the world (so he says) what a stupid thing to be doing at the tender age of 16, he had so much ahead of him...

anyway, on to the whole new start thingy-mo-bob...
i have decided that i am making a completely new start, as i am trying to be a better person but also to make myself happier, as i have found it is mostly my fault if i have a down fall, and that is why everything is going to change, starting with freedom, as i have always been the youngest of 4, i have always been treated differently (the favourite), and in some ways i guess the baby of the family, however now im off to college i am going to start to grow up a little more and try to be a little more independent,"all my life ive been good but now,im thinking what the hell!" but also i am now Ridin' Solo so i have no worries about being held back in that way and who needs a boyfriend, who is just going to try and change who I am and control everything I do, and then have the bloody cheek to turn around and tell me the reason we broke up was because i was obsessive and controlling (yeh right,little rat) "so go and tell your friends that im obsessive and crazy, thats fine i'll tell all mine that you're gay!!" and im also going to change the kind of person i am, ive always been bad with meeting new people but thats going to change, im gonna be much braver and introduce myself to new people, i want to know at least 2 new people at the end of tomorrow, and also im going to change how much i trust people, i know that i need to be on my guard for people who are honest and those who are not! and along similar lines i am going to be more honest,speak my mind and sort my own problems out rather than relying on my bestfriend all the time (as wonderful and helpful as he, i think he needs a break from all the drama that comes with me) i am putting some rules into place,i have 28 in total and im not going to break them, because i am determinded to keep all the friends i have right now as they are all so amazing and im sick of rumours, so if i stick to these rules then no one will have any reason to make rumours,"And people still study trynna point my flaws out.And I be lying if I say it ain't get to me,But I'm a champion, legend, history" im also going to be a little more forgiving (unless the thing that someone has done is so terrible that i never want to talk to them again) but i think it is deffinately time to let some grudges go (although people are on their last chances) but yeh i think that is about it with my new start....and even with all the changes im staying who i am, my personality is staying the same and i will stil have my bubbly and perfect outlook of life and thats how its going to stay unless i have reason to change that opinion...so for now im still me, i think im funny and if other people dont then shame on them ;) "whos laughing now"

onto my next point of business :P...tomorrow i dont only start college, but i also get to see one of my greatest friends for the first time in over a month now, and i have truely missed him so much so that will be great and if all goes well at college then all in all it should be a pretty wonderful day (Y)

Lastly,i am glad to be home, but england is freezing! so i think its time to get my winter clothes out, which i know i shouldnt be happy about but i am because i loooooove my hat which is a cat! it is deffinately my favourite winter wear (Y) and i might actually have dry feet this year (Y) as uggs dont keep rain out i have stolen my mums military boots (teeheeheee im so cheeky) ;) so heres to winter and my hat :) and a new start all round and anyone withing my own age range who is reading my babblings, i wish you luck in your next stage of life ...whether that be starting year 10 and having just made a big choice towards your options, if you're going into year 11 with your GCSEs ahead of you, of like me you are starting college!! :)

remember,no one has the right to change who you are,your future is in your own hands

Gecky xx

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