Monday, 31 October 2011

wow...its been a while

Firstly i would like to appologise for my absence, i just dont know where my head has been these past couple of weeks...due college and my social life i seem to be naglecting my blog, and its not till now that ive had a chance to jump on the computer and type some random babble :)

secondly i feel the need to point out hollyoaks!  i mean OH M GEE! exciting much?? it has had me hooked every night for weeks! SILAS you scheming bugger!! but the fact that 3 girls all wore cat outfits had thrown a spanner in the workes hasnt it! mwahahahaaa...i totally thought that he was actually going to have the upper hand but when he killed his own daughter mistaking her for lidnsey or texas i was shocked and didnt know what would come an anxious for tonights episode (eeeeeek!!)

also, for those out there who when it comes to books are like me and are utter nerds for fantasy type books then i have some books that i advise you to read, purely because they are AMAZING!!
  1. the house of nights series (seriously i was hooked from page 1) (still more books to come)
  2. the wolves of mercy falls; shiver,linger and forever (a little slow to begin but still amazing)
  3. the ingo series; ingo, the tide knot,the deep and the crossing of ingo (mermaids :D)
  4. the inheritace series; eragon,eldest,brisinger and inheritence (im yet to read the last one)
  5. expecting someone taller (giants and leaders of the world....a little strange i may say)
  6. newes from the dead (increadable! could NOT put it down!)
  7. the secret circle 1&2 (witches with a cool twist)
  8. Alice in wonderland (just because i adore the weirdness)
as it is halloween, i have decided to write in orange in black, this time last year i was at a party dressed as a rainbow with my beloved KP ( shes sort of my god sister if thats possible :') my mum is her god mother) rainbows you ask whyy? and to be honest we wanted to stand out and be cool kay? according to my mother 16 is too old to go trick or utterly gutted i must say, so this year i spent my halloween in college doing a full day of psychology followed by a mock exam :| it only seems right that i get a break to blog :)

honestly cannot wait for this week to end...this is why:
Monday: 3 hours of psychology, then a psychology mock exam
Tuesday: 3 hours of sociology, then a sociology mock exam
Wednesday: 3 hours of biology, then a biology mock exam
Thursday: "reading day" other words i get the day off :D
Friday: 3 hours of maths, then a maths mock exam
Saturday: 9am till 1:15 at work, then off to KPs birthday party >.< eeeeeeek!!!
Sunday: train to chester, bus from chester to t'wich...walk from bus station home...probably with a hang over

PARTYYYY! cannot wait! and im possitive that there will be a blog following that event to give you an insite to the drunken anticts of the party goers :')


Gecky xx

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