Monday, 7 November 2011

Its all about tonight

I wasnt that drunk!

  •  Dude, you were sat in my wardrobe yelling "where the hell is Narnia"
  •  Dude, you were in the pool trying to find Nemo
  •  Dude, you hugged a hobo with a white beard and cried "Dumbledore!'re alive"
  •  Dude, you asked your own girlfriend if she was single
  •  Dude, you were shaking pinapples and shouting "are you in the spongebob?"
  •  Dude, you threw my hamster across the room and yelled "go pikachu"
  •  Dude, you threw my parakeet at a piggy bank and screamed "ANGRY BIRDS"
  •  Dude, you were swimming in mud, saying you were in Willy Wonkas chocolate river
  •  Dude, you spent 2 hours trying to drown a goldfish
  •  Dude, you found a Justin Beiber poster and yelled "never" at it
  •  Dude, you jumped off my bed and screamed "red bull gives you wiiiiiings"
  •  Dude, you asked my mum if she was a virgin
  •  Dude, you pushed a ginger into the sea and shouted "be free Ariel, be free!"
  •  Dude, you threw a squirrel in the pool and yelled "Sandy! Bikini Bottom needs you"
  •  Dude, you kept asking my cat why he killed Mufasa
  •  Dude, you were playing 'got your nose' with Voldemort
  •  Dude, you gave a midget a sock and shouted "Dobby, you're free!"
  •  Dude, you were standing in the fireplace shouting "Diagon Alley"
  •  Dude, you covered yourself in glitter and yelled "look, im Edward Cullen"
  •  Dude, you kept running into a wall and said you were trying to get to platform 9 3/4
  •  Dude, you fed a midget mushrooms and shouted "grow Mario grow!"
  •  Dude, you had a screwdriver and kept asking who wanted a ride in the tardis
  •  Dude,you picked up my hamster and screamed "SING ALVIN SING"
  •  Dude, you were holding my cat in the air and singing the circle of life
  •  Dude, you ran up to a tree and sais "look how big this peice of broccoli is!"
  •  Dude, you saw a husky and started yelling "Jacob is that you?!"
the party was brill :L MALABU is my new best friend ;) and i got loads of good pictures :') but i had a blast and danced to "im sexy and i know it" XD ...another post coming on the 9th of November without fail as a happy birthday message <3

you're just like a put a smile on my face when i push you down the stairs!

Gecky xx

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