Saturday, 12 November 2011

belated birthday wishes!

I said this blog would appear without fail on the apears i failed, though i have many valid excuses...ive been home alone, ive had a busy week, and i had an essay to write that night :) so sooooorry (Y)
but anyway, here it is...

Little Steg,

you know when you know someone for litrally your whole life? and you gotta like to yourself "wow they're pretty damn special to me"... well thats you... for the full 16 years of my life you have been like family.So, in those 16 years we've had some pretty epic times havent we? starting from the beginning...well i say the beginning but really i mean the earliest things i can remember... so when we were younger (i say younger cause we are still "little" short people ftw) we used to colour in shells (ermyeh, cool or what?) and how we used to chant "naughty Alan, naughty Alan" some some random unknown reason. then there was that time we went camping in shell island and i buryed your sandles and you cried (sorry about that) and i think that was the same camping trip where on the way back you laughed and spat sunny D everywhere! and also the same trip when i randomly decided to hand my flipflop out of the car window on a chain all the way home and we couldnt stop laughing. that was the old times when we hardley saw eachother but now that we are older we see eachother loads more...Greece 2010...What.A.Holiday!!!! the best 2 weeks ever, where we spent every moment of every day laughing, on the plane, we saw a boy who had a limp we named him limpy, and his friend was called spikey! yeah we're cool kay? on the first night we had already managed to vandalise our room...yeah we drew all over the mirror with suncream,lipgloss,mascara, and anything else we could find really. then there was that night that we stole Alans drink, "ARRRRR" PMSL and he was so drunk that we had to help him walk, but he told my ma that it was us who were drunk (liar) remember how that man scared you when you were on the way to the toilet...and how much that woman at the shop loved us (cause we spent so much money there) and that one day when we went into the town on our own and then my mum and Alan asked us to meet them at the bar they were at, easier said than done it seemed as we walked around for ages and by time we actually found the bar they had left (pfft typical) and there was that man who looked like Joey from friends (teheehe) and how could i forget Fabian <3 we loved him even if he didnt add me on facebook (sob sob) and our best friend the maid "raaaabisssh??" with her random little Greek jingle on her phone, and how we shreaded the toilet roll and put it in the kettel for her on the last day, just to realise that my 'rents would later be coming into our room before we went for out flight...AWKWAAAAARD... and you gotta remember how we stood in the corner whilst she mopped around up, what a babe and how when i spilt my bacardi breezer on the bed she just flipped the sheet over rather than change it...the drink was bright red for gods sake did she think we wouldnt notice, also my mom broke her shaw (LOL). that holiday is why we call eachother steg and how "eenie Meenie" by justin beiber became our song, because we would listen to it all the time and do our dance for it. then there was that week in october 2010 when i stayed with you for a week, we had a right laugh, and i think i actually only ate 1 proper meal a day,then we lived off sugary food. the best part of that week was definately our trip to liverpool, the way there we listened to "the sky is the limit" by jason derulo all the way there cause i got obsessed with it, and we spent about an hour looking for newlook, only for it to be rubbish (although in that store was the very first time i ever heard "mine" by Taylor Swift) and i could NEVER forget our trip to primark, and we nearly wee'd ourselves...and all because of my "rebel" jumper, we were just walking through the store normaly, me with my jumper on hanger in hand then suddenly  boom suprise attack, when the hanger hook got stuck in a womans pocket and she just kept walking, and i was trying to tug it free when you turned round we just burts into laughter, and then when we tried to tell your mum later we cried with laughter...on the way back from liverpool we had some diffuculty as we couldnt find the bus stop. this was also the week when i has that dream about Taylor Swift. and when we bought that chocolate gatuex and had to defrost it...but there was still a big bit of ice in the middle, "i like her teeth" remember that? so nice and THE BEST halloween party ever, as we decided to be rainbows and looked amazing. i deffinately think 2010 was a good year for us getting closer, as in december you came to stay for new year and there was one day when we spent £9.73 on munch from morrisons. in them couple of days we spent every day with Ash and Stuy, we both bought black vest tops and hoodies (yours was pink, mine was purple) from chester and wore them out to meet the guys one day with grey joggers and high top trainers (too cool) and remember how the hoodies came with a sign that said "touch me" on we were amused by it. as that week was just after christmas i had just gained an extra 14 Taylor Swift songs on my Ipod, and  that was all we listened when you got home you started to listen to her <3 taylor time <3 and new years eve, when we "baby sat" my neices, who were both asleep, so we sat drinking,listening to music and eating (chicktella - chicken + nutella = nom nom nom ) ive just remembered a quote from that week, on the day we bought out bare much, we got some hollow chocolate balls and you couldnt find them and said really loud "where are my balls?? D:" it was so funny...the in January you and Ash got together and thats brilliant cause it means i get to see you loads, and we always have a good chat and rave out to Taylor Swift. i remember when i locked you in my room and passed you notes through the door and most recently when i stayed at yours for 4 days and "borrowed" a kitkat (naughty) and remember when we came down yours and we were drinking and the next day Daniel had 2 facebook messages, a comment on a photo, a poke, 36 missed calls and 8 text messages...totally normal of me. and also that day when you and Ash were at mine and you wouldnt let me passed and we just ended up laughing on the floor for no reason. I LOVE how every time we walk into T'wich you say "bidazzle" as we pass...and it reminds me of how you said it sounds like vajazzle... AWKWAAAARD. so anyways, happy belated 18th birthday my most wonderful friend, i hope you had a fab day chicken lips (sorry i had to put that in) haha tbh you're old now and that makes you 1 year closer to dying a natural death... but you CAN not legally drink (even though you have been anyway) even if you are old you are still just as wonderful and pretty, and funny, and yes Steg I WAS ENCHANTED TO MEET YOU. love you long time, from Midge Steg xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Always together, never apart, bestfriends forever sisters at heart <3

Gecky xx

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