Sunday, 4 December 2011

Ray Mears

^ this seems to be my latest nick name :L and its all started on wednesday the 30th of november 2011... the day of the strike, yeh i got the day of college (what a shame) and most people seemed to have had nice relaxing days which consist of a long lie in and the a shopping trip or off to the cinema...then there is me, who decided to walk 6 miles to meet a friend...

why you think? and you know what im currently wondering the exact same thing...i mean i had a pretty epic day but i had to walk 6 miles and when i got there i was tired, hungry and my feet hurt,and all i wanted to do was chill out, "the boy" however had differnet plans that for some reason included climbing up a HUGE hill, crossing a narrow pipe across a small river and then climbing over some barbed wire followed by some rather steep steps...oh the joy, not to mention the fact that my trainers which were brilliantly white and new got covered in mud, then again as i fore mentioned i did have a brilliant day and i now want a cardboard horse :P a Ray mears diary entry followes:

Day 8: its so cold...i cant feel my toes
Day 9: had to saw my toes off with my zip...frostbite
Day 14: had to eat a small child today how long can this go on?
Day 15: had to eat "the boy" and now there is no point in living *jumps in canal*
Day 18 : i saw a bright light in the canal water...turned out to be Ed Sheerans hair
Day 19: he pulled me to safety
Day 20: thats when i realised i was in my garden and have been the whole time

yeh that is pretty much the end of my Ray Mears story...

an apple a day keeps the doctor away :P

Gecky xx

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