Thursday, 22 December 2011

Elvis isnt dead cause i heard him on the radio...

So maybe i did get a chance to blog before Christmas (A) 3 days to go :D I'm so excited its unreal...

the reason for this blog is a request that i am yet to commit to :)

so referring back to my previous blog "new start :)" i would like to point out where i said i wanted to know at least 2 new people by the end of the first day...and indeed i do know 2 new people... and not only am i acquaintance's with said people but one of the 2 seems to have become my best friend. Spam...hmm where can i begin? i do often find myself asking myself "why the hell is this boy my friend?" because he is utterly insane, but who am i to talk, cause I'm not exactly normal myself...but when i think about it i realise yeh he does terrarise me by poking me in the ribs several times a day much to my displeasure, and he does talk about tai boxing ALL the time,  and wishes he was elvis (hence the title) but for the majority  of the time he is lovely. i guess he has his moments which make me realise that deep down he is a big softy ;) which he would never admit to but i know its true ;) tehehehe... but strangely within a week or 2 this boy was hanging round with us and now me and him are practically inseperable, and always manage to have a good laugh together. So my rant (in the blog "my lifestyle's terribly wild but you'll never catch me on the Jeremy Kyle show" )was originally meant to be about Spam (not as in email spam or that processed meat shiz-YUCK) but my friend: the rant was going to be a joke ovbiously but lets be honest i just couldnt think of enough bad points to say about my Spamuel :') so here is to Spam, who as annoying and frustraiting and he is has somehow managed to become my bestfriend (A)

always look on the bright side of life :D

Gecky xx

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