Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My lifestyle's terribly wild, but you'll never catch me on the Jeremy Kyle show...

4 days till Christmas 2011 :) must admit for a 16 year old maybe i am a tad over excited

as for the title that would be Traktor...the Ed Sheeran cover is beaut :')  and i must say I'm a little bit addicted to it :) (tehehehe)

but i in fact just wanted to write a rant, why i don't even know...maybe its because English students have had to write a rant and i was jealous and Ive been looking for inspiration for a decent, heart felt rant for about 2 weeks now and you know what...nothing, i cant think of anything to write about which actually coincidentally gives me a good idea for a rant so here goes...

so whats the deal with writers block, ive seached for weeks for a decent topic and ive come up with none, not one single idea in 14 whole days , what is the deal with that? i dont understand. Writers block appears to be the down fall of any form of creative writing that forms in my brain, i'll be there writing away happily as the ideas flow from my mind onto the paper via the ink that is within my pen, and then suddenly, catastophy strikes and my mind goes completely blank and the words will not flow and i'll be mid sentence and will no longer be able to think of a single word to write down, my pen stops writing and i stop to think and this goes on for some time and nothing will happen. its as if a huge brick wall has formed in my mind...on one side if the door there is me, the creative writer stuck for words and on the other side are all my ideas, the fantastic characters for a story, the inspiration for a good blog post or words that rhyme in order to write a poem...and no matter how hard i try i cant get to the other side in order to get to the ideas that i need to continue.

The fact is, creative writing appears to be my strong point as long as writers block does strike me. so i'll be sat there in lesson and i really should be listening to the teacher, who takes there time to stand in front of me and tell me all about the subject, and you know what happens to me, the perfect story or poem will come into my head and i'll just have to write it down and the words will flow and flow, but when i want to write something because im bored the first hurdel i come to is thinging of something to write about and i never can, and it drives me crazy, really grids my gears, drives me around the bend.

Writers whats the deffinition, its said to be a temporary psychological inability to begin or continue work on a piece of writing, but if you ask me...all writes block really annoying... why must it strike at the most unfortunate times, when i have an essay due in the next day or during an english exam... i guess exams are the worst... looking around and seeing that everyone is frantically scribbling away with their stories and essays and im just sat there staring at the paper thinking "" my mind goes blank and i find myself facing my old nemisis...that million foot brick wall, i could try to climb it...but that would be hopeless, there is no way around it so i guess the only way is to sit and stare at the bricks and hope that  they will magically disolve and let me join in the frantic scribbling of pens on paper, the beginning of a story, them last words to perfectly round off an essay. the finishing sentence to a blog post that will complete it and make it magnificant but i can never quite find the words, i know they are there, just over that wall but can never reach them until the last minute and have to quickly write every thought down as it comes into my head before it leaves.

and another thing...oh, i cant seem to find the words, and i find myself staring at that all too familiar wall...brilliant! just as i get into my stide it hits just now, Sigh...writers block, will i ever get the last word?

if i dont blog before hand...have a good christmas bloggers <3

Gecky xx

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