Sunday, 28 December 2014

19, skinny jeans, game of thrones t shirt

"16, blue jeans, abercrombe tshirt" of course its a taylor swift reference :P

so its been a while since ive blogged...yet again, but ive been super busy with uni assignments and then of course christmas :P
and i looooove christmas, i  love christmas songs, decorations, jumpers just anything christmassy <3
not much to report tbh im just ill and incredibly bored so wanted something to do i guess, sooo things about me

im 19 years old, im completely obessesed with taylor swift (in case you hadnt guessed that) i also love ed sheeran and paramore...i love animals, especiallly cats, owls, foxes and giraffes and yes i do own a giraffe has a tail and everything its awesome....
im slightly nerdy and love harry potter, lotr that kind of thing :) oh star wars too of course and i watch any marvel film i can get hold of :) 
i have 2 sisters, a brother, a step brother and 3 the youngest of 4 and boy do i know it...i think my mum sometimes forgets that i am in fact 20 in under 4 months... omg which is CRAZYY i dont wanna be 20 it means i wont be a teenager anymore and that i therefore cannot blame by moods on being a teenager ;) ah well my mother will have to deal with it...and besides i am the well behaved one in my family :P which tbh is probably why my mum makes such a fuss and trys to look after me a little too much sometimes...
i rarely wear anything but tshirts with skinny jeans, or shorts with tights and i have a pair of doc martin style boots which are my current obsession and i dont think i have worn any other shoes since i bought them haha...
i have a soft spot for anything that is fluffy, and yes even though i pointed out i am nearly 20, my sister did get me a toothless build a bear for christmas and he is AMAZING! 
i love love loooove disney films and i will watch them over and favourites include....the jungle book, tangled, 101 dalmation, aristocats , aladdin , princess and the frog, alice in wonderland and of course frozen <3
i also love my ds, especially animal crossing new leaf and any pokemon game...i mean come on who doesnt love pokemon :P
there are a lot of things that i tell people i hate but i secretly love :P
i own not one...not two but three onsies...which according to my mother is more than any person should own
i have just realised that it is my birthday in 99 days!!!!! ahh exciting
oh if you havent already noticed my brain is a bit scattered and i tend to more quickly from on thing to another without finishing sentences sometimes haha...i talk as fast as things go through my mind and often i dont have a filter between whats going on in my head and what comes out of my mouth which can create some awkward moments...just yesterday i tried to explain to my mum that i wanted something chocolatey that wasnt actually chocolate...if that makes any sense at yeah...that is me pretty much haha

Im the kind of person who is super quiet until you get to know me...and then i will never stop talking haha

Gecky x

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