Friday, 28 November 2014

shake it off

Blank space is still my obsession, i love dancing round to it like a crazy now ive officially done 2 assignments, a psychology poster on schizophrenia and a social welfare test today...oh god i hope it went well, i spent so long trying to remember important names that when it came to it i remembered the names but not what they actually said, so who knows how it went really but i dont have to worry about that now, got 2 more assignments left due the 8th and 10th blehhhh and i am yet to start either...i really should try to be a better student but i get distracted so easily.
"keep you second guessing like oh my god who is she, i get drunk on jealousy, but youll come back each time you leave, cause darling im a nightmare dressed like a daydream" i love love loveeee that line <3 i cannot get it out of my head......but it is december on monday and that means it will officially be socially acceptable to listen to Christmas songs...and God how i love christmas :D :D i dont really know what else to say so just gonna put some lyrics of songs that ive been listening to recently......
"you had it figured out since you were in school, everybody loves pretty, everybody loves cool, and over night you look like a 60's queen"

"didnt you flash your green eyes at me, didnt you calm my fears with the cheshire cat smile"

"i mean its crazy, we finish eachothers ....SANDWICHES...thats what i was gonna say, ive never met someone who thinks so much like me, Jinx, jinx again!!"

"make way here he comes, ring bells, bang the drums, oh youre gonna love this guy!! prince ali, fabulous he aliababwa!"

" Mmmmm come one and take it back love, come on and take it back for us, dont you fade into the back love, no"

"all the other kids with their pumped up kicks, better run better run, out run my gun"

"theres a place i go when im alone, do anything i want, be anyone i wanna be"

"look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and everything that you do"

"and if you have a minute why dont we go, talk about it somewhere only we know"

so yeah...that is all :)

Gecky x

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