Monday, 10 November 2014

magic, madness, heaven, sin...

clearly i am still obsessing about Taylor Swifts new album...and she brought out a video for Blank Space...which is my favourite on the album and i heard it on the radio for the first time today :D

So after many hours of boredom i decided to go through my facebook page...and all i can think after looking at old pictures of myself if that people let me go outside looking like that!!! :L like why would they let me do that?? there are some questionable fashion choices along with some awful faces...and i dont think i can live with seeing them...i was such an awkward teenage...tbh im still awkward and at 19 still technically a teenager...but i am not like a super i have come to the conclusion that i was super weird when i was in school...and how on earth i had friends is beyond me completely...although now at 19 i care very little what people think, as im always gonna get judge by something i do,say or wear so why should i care :L

"cause they got cages, they got the boxes, and guns...they are the hunters and we are the foxes...and we run"

Gecky x

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