Tuesday, 10 February 2015

I know places

second post in one day i know i know im sorry, but i was bored and alone at uni earlier and now im actually on my computer and i like to type cause im strange....

so it is 55 days until i turn 20 years old!! thats crazy because i remember writing blogs counting down to my 16th birthday....CRAAAAZY or what?!?!

so i know places by taylor swift might be my current obsession...and i am also quiet enjoying any song on my ipod that can be considered a bit on the edgy side...been binge listening to paramore recently :P i bought this new dress in sohos in afflecks palace in manchester and i am in love with it, and i just need an excuse to wear it, but doesnt look like i will be able to until march (sob sob sob) i also bought some black ripped skinny jeans and a leather jacket ...pair that with my chocker and black eye liner flicks and i am rocking a grunge type look :P  also i got batman pjamas...so yeh that is basically my life XD 

you dont need a plan, of what you wanna do, wont you listen to the man whos loving you <3

Gecky x

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