Thursday, 5 February 2015

wild rambles of a crazy mind

Do you ever you sit and watch people, and i mean really watch then, see how they act, the strange things they do? well sometimes i do, when im on the bus or just walking around town or sitting alone somewhere...there is nothing quite as interesting as the behaviour of people...i mean, for godsake i study psychology and sociology so i basically actually study human behaviour and society...
sometimes, i like to watch my friends and family...and its funny to see all their little quirks and sub conscious behaviours...but maybe its just me.

i do believe that i have nothing to write about..i mean i never think i do yet i seem to find something to ramble on about for far too long... i think some times that i confuse my friends because i talk none stop at about 6 million miles a hour and probably most of what i say doesnt even make much sense.

sometimes i realise that i am singing to myself and that people are looking at me, i do it at work all the time and then think oops XD and i dance around like a weirdo when i think that no one is watching...only to spin around and find my mother standing there staring and laughing at me....

We are too busy dancing, to get knocked off our feet,

Gecky x

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