Friday, 24 October 2014

4 days till 1989

only 4 more days to wait until i get Taylors new excited!!! i realise that this is the most i have posted in a long time but it i really enjoy writing, even if no one even reads it, i just love the process :) im such a nerd.

S...i know you said you'd try to keep away from my blog, but just in case you read this, thank you for being there yesterday!!

today i have struggled through a 5 hour day at uni and i know that sounds like nothing, but i was up until 2, and managed to get only an hours sleep before my friend rang me drunk and upset, we were on the phone for an hour so that makes it 4 and i then couldnt get back to sleep for another hour and was up at 6 this morning as i had to leave the house at 7.30 to be at uni for thats 2 hours sleep, with the worst headache ever and horrible dizzyness. so uni has basically killed me off today and i am surprised that i survived the whole day without dying, although i was struggling to stay awake during my social welfare lecture, but hopefully no one noticed... i am honestly surprised that i am still going right now as i am exhausted but i know i wont sleep even if i try.

only 2 more days until my parents are home and i cant wait, i miss them a lot when they go away and this is the first time ive ever been in the house completely on my own and its really weird, and lonely but im okay, im strong and im proud of myself!! i am so glad though that my friends and family have been there for me, i saw my brother yesterday for the first time since easter and it was nice.

what else??? hmm some things i have coming up:
my sisters birthday party tomorrow ...which i dont feel up to going to but ive been told i have to socialise
1989 on the 28th!!
my polaroid camera between monday and thursday (according to amazon)
i WILL finally finish the morganville vampire books...nearly finished book 10
then once ive read all of those i plan to start Game of Thrones
i think thats it to be honest :L haha i live a very exciting life as you can tell.

two broken people can never make a whole, before you can work, you must be whole as an individual

Gecky x

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