Friday, 31 October 2014

Its all fun and games 'till somebody loses their mind

so sorry again for the over load of posts, but i have nothing better to do with my life :L i'm slowly driving myself insane with this psychology work.and i have this friend who is driving me crazy with texts...constantly asking me seriously dude, do you need to know my life story -_- i have low tolerance for this particular person after finding out that he lied about talking to someone i asked him to speak to, he said he hadn't heard from them when he in fact had! so annoying! so i just need something to do that isn't researching schizophrenia or being talked to inappropriately -_- i do not appreciate all the innuendos . i may have to start just ignoring his texts.

i am still obsessively listening to Taylor Swifts new album, there are so many perfect songs on there <3 i wish i could drive you crazy by playing them constantly and singing along extremely out of tune, but you never cared that i couldn't sing did you?... i miss that ...then again what don't miss?

^originally lady antebellum (who does not sound the same as Taylor swift!!) but i love this version :)

Gecky x

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